Education and Culture

Bharathi Theertha obtained  the ancestral home of (Late) Narayanamma Tata, which was built by Mahamahopadhyaya (Late) Tata Subbaraya Sastry and gave it rent-free  to Tyagarja Sangeetha Nritya Kalaniketan (TSNKN). This music and dance school teaches South Indian Classical Music and Dances to children within the age group of 5 to 22, all seven days a week in the evenings. A few adults also learn South Indian classical vocal and instrumental music during the day hours.

1. TSNKN carries its activities under the auspices of Bharathi Theertha, which supports some of its major cultural programs besides giving its premises rent free.[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Bharathi Theertha facilitated and arranged teh dance performnace of TSNKN students at the Music and Dance Festival of Sankat Mochan Mandir, Varanasi, U.P., India[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Sponsored the visit and stay of two students of TSNKN (one vocalist and one dancer) in Chennai, Tamilnadu with a group of students from University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA, who visited Chennai under a “Winterim” program of the University of Iowa.[spacer height=”20px”]

4. Bharathi Theertha established a Computer Training School in the premises of the ancestral home of Late Tata Narayanamma with a grant from the Rotary Club of Naperville.  Deserving students from the Vizianagaram area are taught gratis basic word processing and other skills associated with the MS Office suite.[spacer height=”20px”]

5. Obtained scholarships from Nobel Systems, San Bernadino, CA USA to three students studying at the MAGR Polytechnic Institute.  They gave scholarships to the tune of Rs. 100,000.[spacer height=”20px”]

6. Awarded  scholarships to a few deserving students in A.P., India, based on financial need and academic excellence.[spacer height=”20px”]

7. Gave a grant in 2007 to a couple of students, one at the University of Illinois-Chicago and the other at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam for them to buy text books.[spacer height=”20px”]

8. In 2008, a  travel grant was given was given to a deserving but financially strapped student, Mr. K. Bhargava, to enrol in the University of Florida , Gainesville, FL to do his Ph. D degree.  This travel grant was given in memory of Mr. K. Jagannadham, who had a kind heart to help a student at the time of his need.  Bhargava has successfully completed his Ph.D., and is now employed[spacer height=”20px”]

9. Received donations of Rs. 1 lac each from Dr. Madanmohan Telikicherla,  Mrs.and Dr. Karri Suryanarayana Murty, with the exclusive purpose giving scholarships to students in financial need to further their studies.  Bharathi Theertha is in the process of forming a corpus fund using these donations and other donations received by it, and award poor and deserving students.  These scholarships will be inaugurated in 2016.[spacer height=”20px”]

10. Bharathi Theertha also contributes to the scholarships given by the Rotary Club of Naperville, IL USA.[spacer height=”20px”]

11. Presented Merit Certificates and awarded cash prizes to the students of Nightingale Engineering College for Women on National Science Day in 2010.[spacer height=”20px”]

12. Donated a LCD projector to Mahathi Degree College valued at $600 in 2010.[spacer height=”20px”]

13. Donated Rs. 120,000 towards supplying meals for an year to 50 tribal children housed in a hostel in Gajapathinagram, Dist. Viziangaram, A.P.. These students are in grades 5 to 10 and attend a government school.[spacer height=”20px”]

14. In 2004, Bharathi Theertha sponsored the visit of three musicians (Messrs. P. V. Seshayya Sastry (vocalist, K. Krishna, Violinist, and G. Venkata Rao, Mridangist), hailing from Vizianagaram, A.P., India to the USA. These musicians performed at the American Telugu Association Conference in Chicago, and gave lecture-demonstrations in various cities of the USA.[spacer height=”20px”]

15. Bharathi Theertha supports Sri Annamaya Project of North America (SAPNA) in some of its culural activities as a co-sponsor.[spacer height=”20px”]

16. In 2019 Donated Rs. 25,000 to Himalayan English School located about 120 km from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand   to support its educational activities 

17. Bharathi Theertha honors visiting scholars from India, who come on lecture tours to inspire students and adults alike.  The follwoing Visiting scholars and respected professionals  were also honored:

  • Sri. S. Shanmukha Sarma (Bestowed the title of Vidya Vaachspathi),
  • Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao,
  • Dr. Medasani Mohan,
  • Mr. Ayyagari Lakshmana Rao,  
  • Mr. Rajeswari Tiwari (Paul Harris Award by the Rotary Club of Naperville), IAS, Proclamation by the Mayor George Pradel of Naperville, IL USA
  • Dr. Rajat Kumar, IAS,  
  • P. Sambasiva Raju. MLA, Vizianagaram A.P.,
  • Mr. Nagabhushanam Vattayam (Yoga Bharathi),
  • Padma Bhushan Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, (Proclmation by  Mayor George Pradel of Naperville, IL
  • Supreme Court justice, Jasti Chalameswar,
  • Sri. Komaravolu Siva Prasad (Eela Paata Wizard; Bwestowed the title of Naada Gana Bharathi)
  • Dr. Mandali Buddha Prasad ( Bestowed the title of Seva Bharathi; Proclamation by Mayor Steve Chirico of Naperville, IL

Bharathi Theertha also falicitated the following persons for their scholarly and service oriented contributions :

  • P.V. Seshiah Sastry, Principal, M. R. College of Music, Vizianagaram.
  • Appala Someswara Sarma, Retd. Prof of Andhra University,
  • Patri, Pyramid Dhyana Society, who held a Dhyana meditation camp and gave a musical concert on flute in Vizianagarm,
  • Manda Sudharani, AIR Artist, Vocalist,
  • Pappu Venugopala Rao, American Institute of Indian Studies, Chennai,
  • Ramamohan Rai Kadiyala (Scholar and Critic of Modern Telugu Literature)
  • Ramamohan Rao Atluri (Navodaya Publishers),
  • Naveen Vasi Reddy (Telugu Short Story Writer),
  • Rameshji Jain, Art of Joyful Living Foundation,
  • Burra Hema Latha, Dean, Satya Sai University, Puttaparthi, A.P.,
  • K. V. Bheema Rao, Artist (Retd. Deputy General Manager, ECIL, Hyderabad),
  • Medasani Mohan, Tirupathi Deva Sthaanam, Annamacharya Project,
  • Dr. Ghazal Srinivas, Ghazal Maestro, A. P.
  • M. B. Nirmal Basu, Founder, EXNORA, Chennai.
  • Dr. Arthur Anthonisen, Pres. Community Colleges Assn. of USA (when he visited Bharathi Theertha, Vizianagaram),
  • Sai Padma Bellana, Lions Living Welfare Trust, Gajapathinagaram, Vizianagaram District. Received Paul Harris Fellow Award also during her visit to Naperville, IL in 2007,
  • Pariti Rajeswari (when she visited Bharathi Theertha, Vizianagaram and gave a Veena concert there in March 2008,
  • Ayyagari Srinivasa Rao, Short Story Writer, Released his book, Toli Molakalu, January 2009,
  • Patricia Merriweather-Argis, President-Elect, Rotary Club of Naperville, IL USA, December 20, 2009 during her visit to Vizianagaram, A.P.,
  • Charles Newman, International Service Director, Rotary Club of Naperville, IL, USA, December 20, 2009, during his visit to Vizianagaram, A.P., India),
  • Mr. P. Lakshmana Rao, Author of Mini Kavithalu, January 24, 2009,
  • Dr. Dharmapuri Vidyasagar, Prof. Emeritus, University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center, IL, USA, during his visit to Viziangaram, A.P., February 2009),
  • Dr. Gannavarapu Varaaha Narasimha Murty on the occasion of releasing his book of poems, “Sarada Padyaalu (Bathaneelu), February 16, 2009,
  • Katyayini Kammanadiminti (vocalist) accompanied by Sasidhar Madugula on violin,  and Arun Kousik,  on mridangam to the delight of audiences (December 1, 2009).
  • Prof. V.S.R. K. Prasad:  Chief Guest  of (Late)Drs. H. Heukelikian and Norman C. Dondero Memorial Lecture 2018 on the occasion of World Water Day, 2018
  • Book release of “Akshara Nakshatraalu” written by Niyogi (Pen name of Mullapati Venkata Ramana, Journalist, Andhra Prabha)  by Dr. Mandali Buddha Prasad, Ex-Deputy Speaker of AP Legislative Assembly on October 25, 2019. 

18. Bharathi Theertha also honored the following individuals for their valuable contributions: 1) Prof. Ashok Lal, New Delhi, India,  Author, Buddha Ghalib, (March 22, 2011),  2) Ms. Donna Dziedzic, Executive Director, Naperville Public Library (May 26, 2011),  3) Dr. JSS Lakshminarayamna, Toronto, Canada (Octobr 15, 2011), 4) Smt. Rajeswari Pariti, Director (Raja Veena School of Music, Napperville, IL, (September 30, 2011) 5) Dr. Sarada Poorna Sonti, Co-Founder, Sri Annamacharya Project of North America,    Naperville, IL (Author of several books, November 20, 2011), 6)  Sri. Nagabhushanam Vattyam Yoga Master, Hyderabad, (Yoga Bharathi, November 26, 2011), 7) Veena Vadhya Vidya Visharada Ayyagari Syamasundaram, a great musician from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh on November 7, 2009  8) SuryaPrasad Padala ( Philanthropist and Activist, December 7, 2012).

19. Bharathi Theertha honored in the past various persons living in Vizianagaram, A.P., India,  known for their contributions and service to Vizianagaram. These included, Messrs. Manapragada Seshasayi, Penumatsa Venkata Narasimha Raju (Butchibabu), Andaluri Somes- wara Rao, Vusirikala Chandrasekhar, S.S.S.S.V.R.M. Raju, Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy, and Drs. Bellana .S.R. Murty, Ayyalasomayajula Gopala Rao, Suri Seetharamayya, and Mrs. Mahendravada Lakshmi Ramdas (October 2-3, 2004) and Kumari Bindu, Tyagaraja Sangeeta Nritya Kalaniketan, Vizianagaram, A.P., India