2024-07-14 04:15:04
Smokeless Stoves (Chulas) Project – Bharathi Theertha

Smokeless Stoves (Chulas) Project

In the homes of the same eight villages near Chitrakoot, where solar lights were provided, smokeless stoves were also installed to improve the indoor air quality of the kitchen areas in these homes. Traditionally, food in these village homes was cooked on open fires created by using firewood, dried dung patties, leaves, paper etc., as fuel. A lot of smoke was created due to the use of such fuels in the tiny kitchen areas, which were not properly ventilated.  In order to avoid the smoke, smokeless stoves were provided. A grant from the Rotary International Foundation was obtained by the Rotary Club of Naperville, IL with an initiative and contribution of Bharathi Theertha.   The Rotary Club of Satna, M.P., India was the host club.  The smokless were produced at the Deendayal Research Institute, Chitrakoot, M.P., which assisted the Rotary Clubs in the installation of the smokeless stoves along with chimneys. Smoke genreated was ventilated through the vent pipe connected to the stoves, and a much cleaner and safer indoor environment was thereby created.

Briquettes are made from biomass manually as well as by machines. These briquettes are used as fuel for the stoves.  The cost of the project was $25,000 and 420 homes in the eight villages were benefitted.  Engineers Without Borders-India Chapter provided finances for the procurement of mechanical briquetting machines.