Bharathi Theertha endeavors to improve the air, water, and soil environment of the poor.  It has the professional resources to volunteer and help other nongovernmental and governmental  organizations to suggest appropriate technologies for remediating pollution of air, water, and land.  In India and other developing countries, the quality of drinking  water in rural and urban areas at the point of use is of dubious quality, even if it is purified at its source.  Most of the urban and rural areas do not have wastewater treatment plants.  Most waterbodies are polluted.  Similar ambient air in cities is heavily polluted due to industrial and automobile emissions.  Dust is a serious problem in rural areas.  Indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides on land not only causes pollution of surface and groundwater resources but they also have an adverse effect on human health by ingestion of produce and grains that are not treated properly to rid of the toxic chemicals.  

Water management is poor in many areas of the world, although they may have adequate precipitation during the year.  Stormwater collection and disposal and management of disasters cause by  adverse climatic changes is a problem as well.  

Bharathi Theertha is dedicated the needed advice and help, if requested by other voluntary organizations to suggest and work on appropriate technological solutions, if they are seriously committed to provide such solutions.